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October 22, 2013

MegaDis! out now!

To celebrate a quarter of a century in existence, Bomb The Bass emphatically blow out the birthday candles with some of their biggest tunes. As the name suggests, ‘Mega Dis!’ is a fusion of ‘Megablast’and ‘Beat Dis’, both given 21st century updates packed with percussion, driving bass lines and acidic synths. Flipside is a new ‘ReDusted’ version of ‘Bug Powder Dust’, taken out of its own body but retaining that killer bass riff, of course!


Thanks to James Horrocks, Pascal Gabriel, Adele Nozeder, MC Merlin, Justin Warfield, Paul Conboy, Naked Lunch, Burroughs, DJ Food, Christian Eigner, Cuts – Claudio Spolettini. 

October 10, 2013

Bomb The Bass Live

Some of you have contacted us to ask if Bomb The Bass will be playing live in Paris TONIGHT (10/10/13). We were offered a couple of shows in France which we could not commit to and therefore did not confirm. So the information on some listings sites is incorrect and we are sorry if this has inconvenienced any fans. There will no BTB live shows in 2013 but we are in discussions with a number of promoters with a view to playing live dates in 2014.

August 30, 2013

Just This Universe EP

A relaxed breaks rhythm and fulsome bass underpin another quality cut from Bomb The Bass album ‘Into The Sun’, with Paul Conboy offering vocals from both end of the frequency scale. His ‘still time to fall’ phrase makes an ideal launch point for The Emperor Machine, who cuts his remix into a driving piece of electro, crackling with synth sounds, serrated bass and vocal effects. These are stripped back further for a darker and sharper dub mix.

Get it now!

July 26, 2013

Time Falls Apart EP

‘Time Falls Apart’ is a supple groove, with floated vocals from Paul Conboy and brassy stabs that give it an urban edge. Broad Bean construct a dark, melting remix, while Wrangler creates an out of body experience with whispered vocals. Nephew glosses up the production, with a catchy bass riff, while Conboy himself makes a satisfyingly deep tech house mix. Kasper Bjorke is halfway to horizontal in his version, bathed in reverb but with a sharply focussed beat.

Time Falls Apart EP
February 4, 2013

Wandering Star EP

Bomb The Bass return in March 2013 with ‘Wandering Star’, the first glimpse of Tim Simenon and Paul Conboy’s new album ‘In The Sun’. A powerful, upward looking utterance, its dubby triple time rhythm gives it a hypnotic quality when teamed with Conboy’s probing vocal. A bonus B-side is the weighty companion ‘Needy Creature’, a track from the Bomb The Bass vaults, together with remixes of the title track and a video directed by Eni Brandner.

Wandering Star
January 28, 2013

O*Solo Recordings

O*Solo Recordings is the banner under which Tim Simenon will release work from Ghost Capsules and the newest Bomb The Bass album. Vienna electro quartet Ghost Capsules (Laura Gomez, Roman Lugmayr, Georg Lichtenauer and Tim Simenon) will kick start 2013 with their ‘Inside’ EP in February, followed by a thrilling, self-titled first album in April.

During that time Bomb The Bass step up with new single ‘Wandering Star’, followed by album ‘In The Sun’, their third as the duo of Simenon and Paul Conboy. Completing a busy release schedule is Simenon, Lugmayr and Lichtenauer’s collaboration with Afrika Baby Bam of Jungle Brothers, their ‘LunaGlow’ EP dropping later in the year.

O Solo Recordings
December 18, 2012

2013 preview

2013 is shaping up as a landmark year for Bomb The Bass. Tim Simenon and Paul Conboy will release the fruits of recent studio labours in the powerful single ‘Wandering Star’, flagship for their forthcoming album ‘In The Sun’. Backing this is a track from the extensive BTB vaults, ‘Needy Creature’, together with remixes of the title song. Joining Simenon and Conboy on the album will be drummer Christian Eigner, while the duo are now busy honing their sound for a return to the stage in 2013. Keep watching this space!

February 8, 2012

btb live in bali

“Audio Visual Feast” has just confirmed BTB and The Orb Sound System for a double headline bill on Saturday 18 February 2012 from 9.00pm – 3am on Karma Beach! @ Jalan Batu Belig.

Since opening with a bang in January with top shelf international artists Karma Beach Batu Belig are back with a massive event on Saturday February 18th, with a lineup that brings together three of the most legendary acts in electronic music from the last two decades and two of the most dynamic emerging acts in Audio Visual DJing today.

More info on Facebook

January 27, 2012

btb live in australia

Currently Bomb The Bass are preparing for upcoming dates in Australia (see the live section for more information) , and you can get a taster for this by heading over to our video channel, where you’ll see live footage of the band in Amsterdam as well as getting access to the innovative visuals from the previous two albums.

playground weekender
January 27, 2012

btb new album

As well as developing the website Tim Simenon and Paul Conboy have been progressing quickly with work on a new album, which will focus keenly on their collaboration, with no other featured vocalists involved this time. They’ve also been recording drums with Christian Eigner in his home studio. Christian has played on albums and tours for a wide variety of artists, including a number of world tours with Depeche Mode.

christian eigner